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What I teach - Qigong, solo form, weapons from the Yang Tai Chi System.
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1. Book Thongs (T122) - My very own invention!  Keep your place in the book you are reading and they look fabulous hanging from books on a shelf. Each Book Thong is different from what is shown. The beads will surprise and delight you. Order several, they make great gifts.

2. book thongs (T505) - These Book Marks are unique and fun and come in packs of three. Perfect to collect or give as gifts.

3. book thongs (T508) - These book marks are wonderful. A great way to keep your place while reading.
Comes in packs of three keep one for yourself and give the others as gifts. 

4. book thongs (T504) - Three fabulous book marks! All made with stunning ivory colour glass.


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