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1. Qigong Series (Q2000AB) - As most of you know my training partner Jim Madras and I have produced a series of video quick time movies on topics like the Push Hands curriculum and several different Qigong practices. Jim and I found that after every class we taught, someone inevitably would ask us for a resource that would help students continue their study. It was in that spirit that we created the JanJimJam notebook projects. You watch short quicktime movies on your computer and the only software you need to view the CD* is a fairly current web browser.

*1 Gb flash drives will be replacing the CD as the carrier for the JanJimJam notebook projects. The videos will work exactly as they did before, but unlike the CDs, the Flash drives are reusable/repurposable. And they're way cooler looking, and smaller.

So much cooler looking that you may in fact want to buy one just as a flash drive. Check it out:

The Qigong Series includes the 5 Element Qigong, 8 Pieces of Silk (Chan variation), the Dao Yin Qigong and the Medical Qigong, including Liver, Lung, Stomach, Heart and Triple burner practices on it.

All the practices are broken down into sections for easy learning or you can follow the full practice for a complete 30 minute meditative practice.

five element qigong

This qigong practice incorporates the symbology of the five elements of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Standing in postures and moving in metaphor, this is a great way to learn to grow and cultivate energy for health and stress free living.

eight pieces of silk

There are many variations of Qigongs called Eight Pieces of Silk. This version was taught to me by my second Tai Chi teacher Mr. Chan. The moves are energetic and beautiful and provide a great opportunity to study hip and waist movement along with the mind body connection we strive for in every qigong practice.

Plus, the Eight movements have very flowery names. What more could you ask for?


There are may variations of Qigongs called Eight Pieces of Silk, also called Daoyin. An ancient Chinese body-mind exercise originally aimed at health care, this version was taught to me by a wonderful woman I met by chance on her visit to the US from Japan. I didn’t speak Japanese and she didn’t speak English, so I don’t know her name, but together with smiles, we shared Qigong practices. I found the names of the moves in a small book a few years later. This particular Qigong is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

medical qigong

Medical Qigong is a term for a family of Qigong practices that have been developed to treat or prevent illness, balance yin and yang in the body and unblock Qi pathways. In addition to encouraging healthy organ functions, Qigong practices can help harmonize the body, mind, and breath, and ward off disease. And possibly most importantly, practicing qigong allows you to take an active role in understanding your body and gaining bettter health.

2. Guanqifa Qigong CD (Q1000) - People who consistently practice Guanqifa, a simple cleansing exercise, have results that change their lives. It is as simple as that. I could write an essay on the thousand and one reasons why this practice should be a natural part of daily life; reasons that include everything from improved health to enhanced vitality, but the only real reason to do it is that it simply changes lives.

I smile when someone who has been practicing Guanqifa tells me of a physical, mental or emotional change they notice in themselves. After all we invite “pure and clean” energy to come our way, have it wash through our bodies and carry away old ideas, regrets, and illness. We shouldn’t be surprised when we get what we ask for.

If I could only share one thing with another person, it would be the Guanqifa Qigong.

I made this audio CD of the Guanqifa Qigong as a tool to guide you through the practice.

What Others Are Saying:

Guanqifa Qigong is designed to soothe the mind, smooth the qi and gently move impurities out of the system. The spirit of this exercise is captured perfectly by Jan Parker who, along with cellist Corbin Keep, creates a beautifully harmonious soundscape through her narration.
- Sam Masich

One of the wonderful things about the Guanqifa practice is its simplicity- it gets right to the point and the essence of qigong. If you've ever had a class with Jan, you know that she takes the same approach. On the CD, as in her classes, Jan keeps you on task while empowering you to explore your limits.

Guanqifa has been a mainstay of my martial arts and qigong practice for years, and I'm very happy to have this CD to enhance my daily practice. Having Jan's voice as a reminder brings an extra level of focus that has been invaluable. I wish this CD had been available when I was first learning this qigong- it provides a special and pleasurable space to learn, practice, and study the art of connecting the mind and body. - Jim Madras


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