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Guanqifa Qigong CD (Q1000)
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Guanqifa Qigong CD (Q1000)
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People who consistently practice Guanqifa, a simple cleansing exercise, have results that change their lives. It is as simple as that. I could write an essay on the thousand and one reasons why this practice should be a natural part of daily life; reasons that include everything from improved health to enhanced vitality, but the only real reason to do it is that it simply changes lives.

I smile when someone who has been practicing Guanqifa tells me of a physical, mental or emotional change they notice in themselves. After all we invite “pure and clean” energy to come our way, have it wash through our bodies and carry away old ideas, regrets, and illness. We shouldn’t be surprised when we get what we ask for.

If I could only share one thing with another person, it would be the Guanqifa Qigong.

I made this audio CD of the Guanqifa Qigong as a tool to guide you through the practice.

What Others Are Saying:

Guanqifa Qigong is designed to soothe the mind, smooth the qi and gently move impurities out of the system. The spirit of this exercise is captured perfectly by Jan Parker who, along with cellist Corbin Keep, creates a beautifully harmonious soundscape through her narration.
- Sam Masich

One of the wonderful things about the Guanqifa practice is its simplicity- it gets right to the point and the essence of qigong. If you've ever had a class with Jan, you know that she takes the same approach. On the CD, as in her classes, Jan keeps you on task while empowering you to explore your limits.

Guanqifa has been a mainstay of my martial arts and qigong practice for years, and I'm very happy to have this CD to enhance my daily practice. Having Jan's voice as a reminder brings an extra level of focus that has been invaluable. I wish this CD had been available when I was first learning this qigong- it provides a special and pleasurable space to learn, practice, and study the art of connecting the mind and body. - Jim Madras


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